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mayo, 2021

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EDUCATION AND HUMANITIES MAGAZINE is an electronic publication, editing semester, attached to the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of La Frontera and oriented academic dialogue generation and dissemination of knowledge and research results in Education , Social Sciences and Humanities. Their size and evaluation standards publication meets the provisions of the national scientific and academic community for this purpose. This consists of an editorial committee and a scientific committee of experts from national and international, responsible for the evaluation and approval of papers for publication.

EDUCATION AND HUMANITIES MAGAZINE consists of three sections: articles, reviews and collaborations. Through this call, we invite the national and international community to send their articles, reviews and collaborations.

EDUCATION AND HUMANITIES MAGAZINE accepts articles written in Castilian, Portuguese or English. In turn, the work must be related to the following areas:


The articles, reviews and collaborations should be referred to the Director of Williamson Dr.Guillermo magazine copy to the Editor Mr. Silvia Paillán, electronic box is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it