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mayo, 2021

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Publication Standards

1. - Articles and collaborations must be the result of research completed or underway in the areas defined by the magazine.

2. - Articles and collaborations should be a maximum of twenty pages, in the case of book reviews its length should not exceed 10 pages, including graphs, figures, pictures and more.

3. - All articles, collaboration and review must be submitted in the following format:

Margins: Top and bottom 2.5 cm. Right and left 3 cm.
Text: Arial font size 11, double spaced, footnotes Arial size 9 1.5 space.
Article title, collaborative review: Focused and bold.
Subtitles: bold and aloof.

4. - For all purposes of writing and references, the articles will be governed by the APA Standards.

5. - All contributions should be sent in duplicate. Authors can submit their articles on CD in Word (WINDOWS) or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6. - They must also provide the name of the institution and dependence in providing services, academic degree, address and mail box. Each article should have an abstract in the language of origin and (abstract) English and keywords in both languages.

7. - The JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND HUMANITIES publishes only jobs that have a favorable opinion of the Scientific Committee.

8. - The results of the evaluation will be communicated recepcionados work within a maximum of 3 months from the closing date of receipt.